Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 17


I completed my first home workout after a not-so-trustworthy husband of mine decided he was too tired to go to the gym before work, and too tired to go to the gym after work. Such is the life of someone who plays Grand Theft Auto until 3 a.m. in the morning. And yes, I could have gone by myself but decided I could do everything in Workout A in the comforts of my bedroom. And so it began!

We have a 15 pound weight gathering dust and so that was my kryptonite for the whole workout. Over all, it only made my high pull less difficult as I am supposed to use two weights for those. My lateral lunge was WAY harder and I was dripping sweat by the end of the workout. At various points, I was negotiating to get through that last, third set. I don't know why it was so much more difficult to do it at home, but it was. I finished out with speed squats and I paid attention to my form, REALLY sitting back. My glutes were crying for mercy.

Yesterday was relatively uneventful. Lunch called for chicken salad but I have been slipping in food prep and went with a Wawa chicken salad snack pack instead. The macros were pretty much spot on and I actually really liked the flavors (crackers helped lol). I knew I would be going to my grandma's for a girl's night later, so I tried to keep it light. Good thing, because I gorged on all the things. My sister and mom made a most excellent buffalo chicken dip (tortilla chips were in abundance) and there was also all kinds of candies and cakes. was fun though! Splurge meal, represent!

I forgot to mention that I received a few Lulu things in the mail (but also sold another pair of pants and a work it out top so...I'm getting better!)

Things I actually did recently: Had a angel blue Define delivered yesterday by USPS. Got the mail very late at night so no one (ahem, hubby) would notice. Have two packages waiting for me at home from Asked my sister to swing by my house (she lives three minutes away) so she can grab them off the porch. Having a pair of WUPs delivered to my mom's house. I'm acting like a criminal and the protagonist of the Confessions of a Shopaholic books. What is my life?

This was the status I posted in the Lulu Chat board and it was surprising to see how many ladies can relate. I don't feel so alone! LOL.


The Angel Blue Define is divineeeee. So in love with it. It's mighty soft!


My outfit of the day on Tuesday (Urbanite Blazer) with American Eagle crops and my new Full Tilt in plum on the right. I love it. Like, a lot a lot.


I also caved and bought a pair of Kyodan leggings ($25 bucks is....a great price lately!). Every lady in my family now owns a pair and these will be lounge pants most likely. 


These are the Lulu inspires pants and I am tentative about them. I don't know if I purchased the wrong size, but I don't find these compressive at all. I do ADORE Run Inspires and they would be a nice addition since I wear my black ones so much. I love the print and they are pretty neutral, but maybe the fit is off? I also noticed that these are a tiny bit sheer, but I usually wear longish tops at the gym, so maybe it's not a problem.  I don't know. My hoard mentality says keep them because they are sold out and I may want them later. The struggle! LOL.

Unfortunately, my mom tried these on and accidentally sent the tag flying off so now I can't return them online. I would have to sell them on one of the boards, which is not much a problem but kind of inconvenient since I told her to be careful! lol.
The worst news is that...I'm set to purchase an Off the Mat jacket. It truly is my #1 most wanted Lululemon item. I just wish I spaced out all my purchases. This is what makes me want to sell the pants (and return the Ebb to Streets even if they look amazing). Decisions, decisions. I will most likely return my recently acquired sexy booties from DSW, too. That makes me tear up a little, but where would I wear them anyway?

The collar just gives me LIFE!!!

I pretty much am agreeing to buy it for $30 dollars over retail.'s perfection. And now my mom (of course) wants one too.

Doing a Pilates class tonight instead of going to the gym, so I'll have to hit up the gym tomorrow and Friday. Or maybe I'll skip Friday, do Workout B on Saturday and the metabolic on Sunday? Pilates is making my scheduling at the gym a little tougher, but oh well.

Oh and I forgot my soy-sauce drenched bible in my sister's car so I'll have to pick that up tonight. I'm a mess and I feel naked without it! 

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  1. I'm on the hunt for a perfect pair of burgundy skinnies...I may have to check out AE!