Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day ???

I'm totally here. I'm going strong again.

Last week was an unexpected pause. I went to Atlantic City on Monday afternoon and got back on Tuesday afternoon. I think I attended a Pilates class that Thursday, but was generally getting sick throughout the few days after my mini-vacation. I took a yoga class on Saturday which was nice and relaxing. Other than that, no gym time.

I'm still sick, but I've started Phase 2 of the Drop 2 Sizes program. I completed Strength 1 on Monday and Strength 2 last night. They are TOUGH. Definitely a step up in intensity. Even the warm-up is longer and more challenging. Strength 1 includes:  prone jackknife (done this one and improved SO much), push press with dumbbell, offload squat (in this one you hold a dumbbell in one hand off center, which creates instability and forces you to engage more muscles), one leg deadlift row (Um, Crazy hard!), pushups, and THE WORST FINISHING MOVE EVER. It's an isometric lunge where you start by hoping into a reverse lunge, then, keeping your front engaged leg...welll...engaged, you push through into a front lunge. Then back again. This goes on for twenty seconds, and then you hold in the reverse lunge. I mean....IT JUST BURNS. Then you reverse legs, which is super sweet. Not.

Last night's workout included a few moves that I love, and one move that I HATE. The elevated split squat is just bananas. I am so much stronger on one leg than the other, I can't even position myself properly on the bench I need to elevate my leg on. The gym was full and I was embarassed. I tried to go as low as possible and I still felt the burn, but holy moly. I need to practice. The finishing move was a speed squat for twenty seconds, followed by  hold at the bottom for twenty seconds.....

Did I mention I only did two sets of everything both days and was completely tapped out? Next workout, gotta bump everything up to three sets and not looking forward to it!

Yesterday I used my husband's very round and hard head as a foam roller for the outside of my thighs (DOMS,yo). Saved $20.00. I love marriage.

Speaking of marriage, I've been hiding some of my lulu purchases as of late. I'll have to update later. Off to do some work!

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  1. Glad to have you back! I'm laughing at you hiding your purchases from your husband. Who would ever do that?? *whistles non-suspiciously while walking away*