Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I planned on doing a gym workout this morning and a Pilates class in the evening.
Well, I just got my monthly visitor and I am absolutely exhausted. One thing I am doing is listening to my body, so no double workout tonight.

I'll still be attending the Pilates class because not going means I owe them $10 (stupid 24 hour cancellation policy). I don't know how they do it. Lots of moms and women, some are bound to cancel are no-show and get mad about what they owe. Especially if they purchase a membership! At Barre 3, the cancellation policy means you don't lose out on money unless you cancel one hour before or less. And even at Lithe Method, the policy is more flexible. As you can see, I am in bitch mode. Don't mind me LOL.

In other news, I already owe $10 for the yoga class I didn't go to last night. An 8:30 pm class was a bad idea and I knew deep in my heart of hearts that I wouldn't go. I still scheduled it less than 24 hours before it was due to start. Ugh.  I got home, made dinner for the husband (creamy Parmesan risotto with beef in sauteed mushrooms and Vidalia onions--the bomb). Took a little nap, changed into my Lulu, and re-plopped myself down on the couch. Next thing you know it was 9:30. On the computer, looking at those damn Speed tights.  I fail.

Anyway...positives of today: it's almost 5:00. I want a nap so bad but I'll be going to class straight from the office. I need a nice little couch in here...that would be wonderful.
I also ate candy today.
Lots of it.
Splurge meal, for sure.

Felt moody so bought my first Run Swiftly long sleeve top and a matching mesh bag to wash it in the laundry with, since it's so delicate.

The color has a nice pique like texture to it. I hope it doesn't snag a lot. I would love to wear it to the gym or around town. And...the mesh bags should be awesome for hand wash only things. Plus, I accidentally signed up for Amazon Prime so I've been trying to use the two day shipping free thing. $10 bucks well spent, I think.

Here's my outfit from yesterday. I am LOVING the Full Tilt. I hope it washes well.



Sorry for the mess. Here's my first Crb. Fresh teal. Kind of love it and if it's been worn before, I can't tell. Must hold up nicely in the wash which I love!

My stomach pains are kicking in so Bon voyage for now.

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  1. I'm loving your scarf from yesterday. That looks great on you. Now go take some advil and rest up until you feel better!